EasyLive Care

What some of our clients say...

  • "Go the extra mile - a very good team!"
  • "The service provided is of a very high standard and very professionially carried out by all staff."
  • Our Services

    EasyLiving carers provide a great service to a wide range of user groups throughout the Devon community which include:

    • People with learning and/or physical disabilities.
    • Those with memory loss.
    • People with and without life threatening illnesses.
    • Those who have come out of hospital and need help to recover.

    All EasyLiving carers are trained to the highest standard so clients with specialist needs are given the best possible level of care ensuring that the benefits of our services are maximised at all times.

    EasyLiving carer talking with a client

    EasyLiving carers are there to ensure that you are able to stay and enjoy the comfort of your own home for as long as you wish. Our carers are here to assist you with any of the following tasks as and when you may require them. Helping to get setup in the morning washing, dressing, toileting, assisting with all day time meals and day to day duties of your home.

    Helping to bed in the evening, shopping, days out, help with medication that are prescribed by your doctor only - this is however subject to certain restrictions which would be explained to you.

    Sitting Services

    Our carers will come and do a sitting if required, whilst doing this service our carers are willing to help with any house duties or personal care that may need doing.

    Helping with toileting or any refreshments that you need help with in the day.

    Night Care

    EasyLiving also offer a night care service which we have three bands:

    Awake Night

    A service for clients who require constant attention through the night for which the carer will not sleep.


    A service for clients who do not wish to be left alone during the night. The carer will expect to sleep and a bed should be provided.

    Night Sits

    We now provide night sits as a service.

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